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Useful Apps for Your Business and Jobs

Technology or Android devices in this case are something that everyone can’t leave behind. People can get free games android for relax. Or, they also can get app for different purpose, such as helping tool for job. Speaking about Android devices for your job, you can find many different apps for your job on Android devices. All of them can help you to optimize your working efficiency. Among many Android apps for job, here are our choices, which also are the best apps

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office for Android is available for free, now. As we all know, this document editor application can be used for many different purpose. It’s not only typing or editing your document. But, you also can share it easily. This is very useful, if you have meeting with your colleagues and business partner, where you want to share document as the material of the discussion.

Google Drive

Usually, you don’t need to download free apk for this app. Most of Android devices, especially the latest one, have this app installed as its standard application. Therefore, you don’t need to search anymore the application from Google PlayStore. For its function, it’s the same with Google Drive function. Google Drive is service where you can store file or document online. And, this app will make you easier to access, edit and share those documents. Once again, it will be useful for you who want to have meeting or negotiation with your partner.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Business owner doesn’t always in front of computer to run their business. They also need to travel to other place, where they can’t access the PC. Microsoft Remote Desktop application is the solution for this situation. With this app, you can access your PC from your Android device. For example, this app will help you to access document in your PC to edit or share the content.


This app helps you for checking any message from your client or customer. You just need to install this app on your Android devices. And, on your PC, install desktop client application. With the combination between these two apps, you can easily check any call logs, order and anything that enter your PC. Then, you can remove or edit that document into your Smartphone, so you can check it later.


Actually, there is Concur subscription service, which is paid service. However, for Android version, you can get and use it for free. Of course, the feature is limited compared to the paid service. However, it’s enough to give you everything that you need. With this application, you can easily track business travel reports. On the other hand, this application also can manage your business expenses.

All of application for business and your job are actually mere helping tools. For you who want to have success in career or business, depending too much on these apps isn’t good thing. However, if you can use these apps maximally, that will help you to get best result on your business or job. Therefore, find free download apk for those apps and get it on your Android device.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 5:08 am

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