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Top Free Applications for Your Smartphone

If you are a smartphone user based on Android or iOS, then you must have known a variety of free applications that we can download on AppStore or Play Store which is also very useful for everyday life. Now we will discuss various applications that benefit students, college students, and office workers in everyday life. This free application can be downloaded anytime and always get the latest updates without you have to spend money, you just need to connect to the internet to update it.

  1. Google Map

This app is an important thing for you and will ease you in various things. Now you should not be afraid to try to go to a new place because you can use Google map to guide your journey so you do not get lost. Now, you can easily download free application (Google map) on Play Store or AppStore. Lots of benefits that you can get from this application. In addition to how to use it quite easily, you can fill in the box where your destination and automatically Google map will give the fastest route from where you are currently to your destination. Happy trying to go to a new place with Google map!

  1. Google Translate

If you have difficulty speaking foreign language but lazy to buy a dictionary to decipher a word or phrase, then this is the right solution for you, Google translate. This free application can help you to translate various languages in this part of the world. You can chat with strangers, you can translate the foreign books you are reading, translate the lyrics to the songs you like and other things you want.

  1. Math Alarm Clock

This app is suitable for those of you who are difficult to get up early. If you usually install the alarm in a row but when the morning before you just turn off then you sleep again, then this one alarm will not be easy for you to switch off just. You have to answer the math problem correctly you can just turn this alarm off. Therefore, for those of you who have the obligation to get up early to leave school, work, tutoring, and then you should use this alarm. You can easily download these alarms in the Play Store or App Store. This free application will be useful for you. Good luck to wake up early in the morning!

  1. PicsArt

Smartphones are now equipped with cameras that have good results and clear to meet the needs of most people’s narcissism. However, not only the camera should be good, we are also required to have an application to edit images to look more beautiful and can be posted to various social media accounts like instagram, path, Facebook, line, twitter and so on. One of the great photo editing apps is PicsArt. This free application has a lot of advantages and interesting features. You have to download and try it yourself!

Based on some free application above, now you already know some of the applications that you may need in everyday life and its benefits. You do not need to pay for the top download of the application. You can download free applications through your smartphone easily. Hopefully this article will be useful for you. Let’s download free apps that are useful to you!

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 1:47 pm

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