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The Pros and Cons of Installing Free APK Files in Your Android Device

Free games android could be the most interesting thing you have ever heard, especially if the game is not released in your region or country yet. Downloading the APK from third party can be the great and solving answer for that issue. But sometimes it can create another issue for you that can harm your device especially if your APK is actually a fake installer or, in other word, a malware.

Speaking of which, there are a lot of cool items you may find for android but surprisingly, it does not come from legal app store. Android users love to get free download APK because of course it is free, playable, and they can enjoy the game or app that has not been released in their country. It sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, there are pros and cons or probably will be more appropriate if I say the benefits and the risks of installing this kind of file to your android device. You better read it before finally download and install it.

The pros of installing APK files

People might have many reasons of why the come to APK files rather than download it from the legal app store. It is common if an app or game is leaked before it is released officially. It means that you can get the APK file from third party before the app is even available in the legal app store. You are also allowed to enjoy other exciting updated features.

Besides, as I have always said earlier, the app itself is not available in your region which is not cool. Downloading APK file does not require you to be in certain location or country.

Other than that, you can enjoy the latest update from Google by doing override the carriers. So, you can enjoy the newest features and updates without have to wait for too long.

The cons of installing APK files

APK is definitely easy to install but most of the time it can be untrusted and not useful as well. It is really important to make sure that you get it from the trusted site. Besides, if the app is a stolen file then you may be in trouble, pals.

It is also possible to download many pirated contents from APK service. It is an illegal think and you cannot stay in this way forever because the cyber police will find you if you have been found violated the term. So, you better do a little research before downloading to make sure that you are not running into a big trouble.

Do you know if malware is everywhere? It can hide behind the APK file. There are a lot of cases type related to fake installer. You seem like downloading and installing the app or game you want but it is actually a malware. It can charge you certain amount of money and you cannot avoid it. So, make sure that you are in the safe place before downloading free APK.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:22 am

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