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The Best Applications You Should Have

Looking for a bunch of free download apk for your brand new Android smartphone? You are in luck as this article is written exclusively for you. Not only that, you are also lucky because the Android that you know now has come along way.

Unlike how it was back in the day, today’s Android is no longer the platform with a bunch of questionable quality and substandard applications. It has since evolved into the best open-system platform with incredibly massive application ecosystem as one of its biggest strength points. Countless number of applications are now available on its PlayStore, from the freemium ones to the premium. The term “freemium” may seem odd to some people; but really it is just another way to say a free application with premium offers in it. These applications are free to download and to use, however, it is filled with occasional advertisement banners and promotional offers.

From games and picture editor, to Office Suite and other useful applications. The options are endless, to the point it can be overwhelming for many people to choose. If you are one of those people who are at a loss as to which application to choose from, keep reading.

Best antivirus for your Android phone

Being the most popular open-mobile operating system, it does not come as a surprise that Android hosts a bunch of malware as well. But do not fall victim to these irresponsible malware attacks! Make sure your smartphone has the best antivirus to help detect bogus applications and other malwares looming on the internet. One of the best and most well-respected free apk antivirus for Android is, without a doubt, the AVL. It features anti-phishing technology and also an incredible call-blocker to help you block malicious unknown number for ever contacting you.

Needing an antivirus which acts as both a shield and a scanner? Avast Mobile Security is specifically designed to go above and beyond with its services. With remote lock, firewall and anti-theft features, it effectively protects you as you browse the internet and also in the event that you lose your phone.

The best news application to keep you up-to-date

Feedly is, undoubtedly, the best news application on Android. Acting as a RSS reader to help you keep tabs on various news. Not only that, it also supports Youtube channels, Podcast channels, and many other channels of your interest. Everything you need in order to get yourself up-to-date on a daily basis in one free application – what’s not to love?

Need applications to help your poor navigation skills?

Gone were the days where you must take a few stops in order to learn your map. These days you can easily turn on your GPS, enter your destination, and let Waze and Google Maps do the rest. Not only will they show you the way, they will also help you choose a better alternative in the event of heavy traffic jam. Not driving? Download some free games Android such as Super Mario Run and Tap My Katamari to avoid boredom during long road trips.

Updated: March 11, 2018 — 8:08 am

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