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Recommended Free Download APK Antivirus for Android

Free download apk antivirus is one way to protect your beloved gadgets. Just remember that virus can enter your android anytime and some of them trigger fatal risk. Before it is happening to you, it is better to prevent it by downloading the best antivirus. Here is the list of those best antiviruses.

360 Security Antivirus

If you are looking for the most popular antivirus for your android, you should consider 360 Security. This antivirus has been downloaded by 100 millions. It is not only downloaded by a lot of android users but they also give good review and rating. Thanks to the high tech features which help you to detect malware, apps scanning, and games scanning. Real time protection is also the reason why android users love to use this antivirus app. This app helps you to clean disturbing files in order to boost the performance of your android. By using free apk, you can use this antivirus app for free.

Andro Helm Mobile Security

It seems that this antivirus application is unpopular than 360 Security. Still it is a recommended antivirus along with a lot of benefits. To protect your android, this antivirus is supported by several powerful features including feature for real time protection and feature to scan malware and spyware. To keep the performance of the antivirus, Andro Helm Mobile Security can be updated regularly. To handle something unknown, this app is able to quarantine, backup the apps, and delete the files contain of virus. Some android users are using this antivirus and they are satisfied with the result. It can be used for free or paid.

Avira Antivirus Security

This antivirus app is considered as a new one. That’s why less of android users use this app. As time goes by, Avira grows significantly along with its quality. What Avira antivirus security does is various. You can use it to scan your device, give real time protection, and external SD scanning. Android users love to use this antivirus because of its modern features including Stagefright Advisor, anti theft, privacy, blacklisting, and device admin. The problem is on the big size and it is classified as a heavy antivirus app but it doesn’t lose its performance to protect your android.

Antivirus and Mobile Security by Trust Go

This antivirus is used by android users because of it has complete basic features. By using this antivirus, you can let your android scanning its device while giving real time protection. Don’t forget about its secondary features such as system manager, find my phone, and data backup. If you want to find a lighter antivirus, you might try to download it. You may use it for free and it works effectively to protect your android.

So, which one of those 4 antivirus apps you want to use? The most important thing is that it doesn’t disturb the performance of your android and it protects your android from virus, malware, and spyware effectively. If you have an effective antivirus app, you don’t need to worry anymore to download free games android.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 1:14 pm

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