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Recommended Free APK GPS for Bikers

Free download apk app can be used for all gadget users. Those are including bikers. GPS app is one of apps you need to download to support your cycling activity. It helps you to show the right direction and distance for your achievement or goal. This article shows to you the best cycling app to support bikers.

Ride with GPS

Some bikers love to use Ride with GPS due to its features. Along with those features you can record, snap, and share the achievement you have made. It is not only an ordinary GPS which shows your route only. More than that, this is also a GPS which able to record your speed, distance, and even calories burned, and many more. Of course, it doesn’t reduce the main function to show you clearer and sharper virtual maps to get the best direction while riding your bicycle. It is really a worth it app you should try and it will be easy to get this app with free apk service.

Wahoo Fitness

This app is not only suitable for cycling but also running, swimming, and any other activities. The manufacturer is trying to design a multifunction which also cares about your safety. By using this app, you are able to check your distance and speed. The Bluetooth feature works well so you can share your best achievement to different app including Strava, RunKeeper, TrainingPeak, and many more. Thanks to the sensor which can also give you additional information such as your heart rates, and calories burned. It is really offering more than just a GPS for bikers!

Bike Computer

Some people don’t want to lose focus only because of their GPS. If it is so, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use GPS. What you need to use is Bike Computer since it is a simple GPS for bikers. Just like the two previous apps, you can also track your distance, speed, altitude, time, and many more. What makes it different is that you are able to get the fastest route to get back to the starting point or home. It can be said that this is also an effective GPS for bikers.

Runtastic Road Bike Tracker

It is a handy app which can support what you needs. You can see your distance, time, rides, speed, pace, and calories burned easily and clearly. It will be updated real time along with clear route information. You don’t need to lose your cycling focus because the information will be given with sound. It is also easy for you to check the current location during cycling so you can share it to your family or friends. It is very important especially if you need a help. Just keep the battery life by downloading it and seeing the map offline.

My Track

Bikers love to use this free app because of its unique features. In fact, you will get more than the basic features found in all GPS apps for bikers. As the result, you can record everything you need. The most important thing is that those features are easy to use even for beginner bikers.

At least you know that free apk service is offering more than just free games android to download. You can also download GPS for better cycling experience.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:35 am

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