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Recommendation for Best Racing Game in Android

As we know that there are millions of applications and games available in PlayStore. Sometimes you find a challenge to find a good quality game. By that mind, here several recommendations for best racing game in Android and perfect for this who love speed. Whether you want to get realistic racing game, having great experience in the casual arcade fun or you just want to play with turbo boost and more, these recommendations bellow it all covered as well. Of course, these games are fun and free games android, at least these games do not need spending much cost for your hard earned money. These games that mentioned below will work with most of your android devices, so you do not need to purchase high end smartphone. These free download apk bellow will make you having stuck in your seat for hours.

Asphalt 8

This game still become favorite among many racing game lovers that comes from Gameloft which had been released 8 versions for their best racing game in Android. Airbone is not far away from all of the simulator realism games and still need high speed. You can get image of realistic street with natural lighting, reflection and shadow as well. Plus, you will never forget about tricks and incredible jumps as well. This game also featured with best graphics that you can get in mobile device. Asphalt 8 provides you with realistic crashes and wider vehicle damage as well. You also able to enjoy both of multiplayer and arcade modes, even you can get career mode that provide you with better experience. You can build your own reputation and become the best racer.

Driver Speedboat Paradise

This game is quite popular last year and had been made by Ubisoft as one of well-known PC developers. This game quite similar to Riptide GP2, however this game has a good storyline to get stand out graphic and great gameplay as well. You will become a young and reckless driver that will cross the deep waters in several exotic sites against the other mafia. In this game, you will meet cops and unlocking your tools in order to make your own boat. Even this game has 6 different modes, including of multiplayer and drag racing as well. You can race against your friends as well. There are more 20 boats that you can collect but of course, you should complete many races and missions.

The Racing Rivals

This game also one of best racing game that you can download. You can jump off the water on high speed jet ski. This game had been developed by GLU mobile and over than 10 million downloads along with thousand reviews as well. However, it has advertisements inside the game, it’s still fun to race against your rivals. It really provides you with high speed in real time racing right on your fingertips. Everyone can enjoy this game and you should work harder with your thumb skills along with precision turns, you will master this game and start to winning and betting more as well. It might not have best graphic, but this is worth playing for racing game lovers.

Slingshot Racing

As we know that there are first few games are very normal but so popular with the arcade style. So, you can get different great thing like Slingshot Racing game. This unique game will make you stay busy, excited but sometimes make you feel frustration until you can master this slingshot move. In this game you need little skill, train and light touch to get it right as well. Once you done, you will become the fastest racers.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:50 am

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