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Recommendation for Best GPS and Navigation App in Android

When you think about navigation app, most of you might think about Google Map. This app is one of most people recommend. It also has updates frequently as well. Google had been on top line of navigation apps for several years. However, there are many different options if you were not click Google Maps. When you travel a lot, so GPS and Navigation apps are needed in your device, these applications will help you to stay on track and reach your destination in time as well. As mentioned there are many options that you can choose and many developers had been trying to make their apps become the most reliable and free apk as well.

So, here recommendation for best GPS and Navigation App that you can get in Android device:

BackCountry Navigator

This application is great navigation app for the hikers. In several things, this app might quite expensive but you are able to get several offline topographical maps as well. Even you can download this app free as well. BackCountry Navigator is suit for places where there are no data services that can be found. There are several fun features that you can use. You can add favorite spots and mark them to the map, see different types of trails, and more incredible things as well. You are also able to purchase an app that provides you with selection of maps. So, this is powerful app and ensure that you can try it before purchase it.

HeRe WeGo

HeRe WeGo is one of serious competitors toward Google Maps inside the navigation fields. This is featuring with elegant and simple interface that equipped you with mapping options in around the world. You can download a map for offline use in your area. It will so helpful where you are in unstable data connection. HeRe also shows you about traffic information, maps of public transportation and you can set up your saving place that you want to get quick direction in later day as well. This app is totally free and one of best free download apk that you can get.

MapQuest GOS Navigation and Maps App

MapQuest had experienced many redesigns during several years. This application provides you with turn by turn direction. There are other features that you can get, such as: service that helps you to get cheaper gas, live traffic information update and re-routing direction which based on traffic. Even you are also able to this app to call the tow truck if your vehicle is getting break down. It might not as good as Google Map, however this app is useful way to kill 2 birds with one stone.

MapFactor App

MapFactir is one of popular navigation app that offers you with low key options. It including of basic navigation and GPS features as well. While you use OpenStreetMap, it means that you can get offline map which were being upgraded monthly if you want it. There are additional features; however it might cost a lot. The other features including of Cross border routing, voice direction, options in 2D and 3D modes, themes and more. This GPS app also support in many countries in around the world.

Google Maps

As we know that Google Maps still one of the most recommend navigation app. It also has several features such as: metric ton, basic turn by turn direction, schedules for public transit and live traffic update as well. This application is one of the most recommended app that you can try and get used to first because it’s still difficult to get best replacement with these all features. This app is free, even you are also able to get offline map.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:44 am

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