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Popular Free Download Apk Games Android You Should Play

Is it possible to play android paid games for free? Yes, it is! Now, you can play free games android from different devices. Thanks to the free APK which makes you able to play those games. You just need to install the APK files and you are ready to play your favorite android games for free. So, what kind of free games android you can play for free with free apk?

The Void: Strangers from Upside Down

For those who love to play arcade games, you may consider this game. You are about to become a kid who have supernatural ability. Don’t worry you have a good reason to have such kind of ability. What you have to do with your ability is to rescue your friends from monsters. Those monsters are coming from the other world. This game is very popular and downloaded by gamers addict because of its cute character. Moreover, you or your kids will enjoy a game with colorful and brighter graphic. At the same, gamers and even first time gamers can easily play the game with handy controller system. You will be fascinating with the ability of the main character.

Hazy Race

One more arcade android game you can play for free is Hazy Race. This is a simple game with interesting graphic and idea. You are about to play the game with unique character. You lead the main character through the fog. What you have to do is tapping the screen and you bring the character to another island. The challenging part is that you have to guide the character to jump well. Don’t let the character fall to the deep abyss. With minimalistic graphic, this game is eye catching and pleasing your eyes. The simple controller system makes you play the game all day long. Just make sure that you get high score and be the master of Hazy Race.

Lumber Well

This is also a great arcade android game you can play in your free time. In this case, you are a woodcutter. Just guide the woodcutter to the places where there are a lot of trees. But it is not an easy one. You should avoid traps and even defeat wild animals. What makes this free game android interesting to play is because you can choose one of various characters. The various locations make you free from boredom. Those excitements are added with simple and easy controller system. So, just download this game and welcome to the new virtual world.

Warpets: Gather Your Army

This is the best android game for RPG game lovers. What you have to do is collecting various unique monster and mythical creatures. Train them to become skillful monsters. When they are ready, you can let them fight on a battle against hundreds of enemies and even strong bosses. You are the king of your castle and you have various monsters to train. The game is upgraded based on specific achievement. The best part is that you can fight against other player real time.

So, do you want to play the games above for free? You don’t need to think too long because you can do it right now. Just take free download apk service and follow the instruction. Without taking too long, you are ready to play your favorite android game for free.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:35 am

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