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How to Know Your APK Files is Safe to Use

When you play a game on Android devices, there are times when you don’t have time to get the best result. Or, the game is too difficult, where you can’t finish it. This situation is actually the main purpose from game maker to give the gamer or player a challenge, which make the game become more interesting. However, for some player, who doesn’t have patience to play it, they tend to use cheat. And, one of the methods is using free apk for those games.

Many websites are providing APK cheat file for free. You can download them, install it on your Android devices and get the cheat for your game. However, using these APK files isn’t always good thing for you. We didn’t say that using cheat files is not good for player. But, the risk here is the APK files that you can download for free has dangerous thing inside. It’s not virus. However, when you install APK files from unofficial source, you will need to root or change your Android device system. This process is safe actually. But, you will lose your device warranty, which isn’t good for you in the future. Therefore, get the APK files from legal source, which is Google PlayStore.

Although you can free download apk from Google PlayStore, it doesn’t mean you will get safe file for your Android device. As we all now, Android is open source platform. That means everybody can use it and launch their program, including this APK files. Therefore, you need to make sure that the APK files are safe for your device. You can use several ways to know its safety.

First, you can use app to check the APK files. There are many different applications for this purpose. For example, you can use VirusTotal app. this app has ability to check APK files thoroughly to find any virus that may reside inside the file. However, there is limit for the file size you can check using this app. The APK files must have size no bigger than 128 MB.

Hash Droid is also another application for checking the APK files. This app can check the hash part of APK files. By checking that part, this application can detect whether digital fingerprint for the APK file match with the app. The other similar application is NViso ApkScan. It has similar function with Hash Droid. The different is this app can give you more detail report. For you who know more about technical stuff, this application is very useful for you.

The other method is using simulated Android device. You basically create fake Android device inside your Android device. There are many apps for this purpose. By using them, you can check, whether APK files that you install is safe or not by trying it on that fake Android. However, we can say that, if you get the APK files from Google PlayStore, or the legal place, mostly it’s safe for your Android devices. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about using free games android and its APK files.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 5:09 am

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