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How to Install Applications Out of Google Play

Free download APK you may find on the internet will lead you to free app and games. Who does not like the free apps and games after all? But due to the security concerns that become increasing, we do not recommend you to install any app or game from the third party. Other than that, the file from third party is not guaranteed by the official app store of your OS. So, if something bad happened to your android device then it becomes your full responsibility.

We all know that android device is able to do an act called “sideloading”. It means that your android phone can download and install the app that is not available in your Google Play. It might be fun but not safety at all. Malware is something that will haunt you by installing APK file from unknown source. There are a lot of people out there who want to get money by working like this. Other than that, illegally downloading a content or app or game may bring you into trouble.

Setting up the device

This can be done with android 4.0 or the higher version. Go to Settings tab and look for Security then check the Unknown Source. This option will allow you to get free games android from all sources besides Google Play. Make sure you downloaded it from trusted website.

Downloading the app

To download an APK, you can just search it on the search engine. There are several sources that provide this thing but you have to make sure that the source is safe enough. Sideloading has high risk of inserting in some viruses to your android device. It is not recommended to download the APK for piracy or anything like that. It will drag you into a serious problem.

You better look for the APK from trusted developer or provider. There are several apps removed from Play Store due to certain reason. And now the app is available on its own official website so you still can enjoy the content without have to download it from the app store.

The process

The APK file can be downloaded directly from your smartphone or from your PC. You can go to the drawer of the app and find the Download button then click it. Then you can open the file to install it.

You will need a little longer time if you download it from the PC. So, you can use your internet launcher in your PC. You need to connect your android phone to the PC at the first place and then click the USB mass-storage mode to enable it. After that, you can drag the downloaded APK file and drop in into the storage of your smartphone. You probably will need some kind of file manager to locate the file before installing it even though some types of phone do not require that.

Again, I will remind you that downloading from third party may be a bit harmful so make sure it is safe before downloading free APK.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:15 am

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