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How to Choose the Best Free Games Android

With the booming of Android operating system, there are numerous game vendors that create the Android-based games. It is reasonable then if there are now so many games that are provided and can be downloaded in the Google Playstore. At this point, we as the users may feel confused what kind of games to be chosen. What we may consider often is probably related to the game genre. It is whether we like them with fighting theme or the simpler ones like solving the puzzles. But more than that, we must also make sure that the games downloaded are qualified, good, and safe. Here are then what you must think about before choose the free download apk.

The Capacity

First of all, you must notice well the capacity of game file, whether it is too big or not. Big capacity tends to give the users some other problems. They are including the memory space which is not enough, the data account that is used up, error internet connection, and others. If there is another game with similar way of playing but the capacity is smaller, why don’t you choose that one? However, if you really want the big-capacity game, make sure that the Smartphone condition is really compatible with it. The same thing must also be thought when you are interested to download the game via PC, is the minimum requirement specification has been there on your PC? If it is not, you can just cancel downloading anyway.

Free Apk or Not

This is also common problem to be experienced. The users just see on the thumbnail or advertisement that the games look interesting. However, they are not noticed well whether it is really free or not. In official application store like Google Play Store or IOS App Store, this is not really a big deal. There is already a notice or explanation whether it is a free apk or not. all you need to do is just being careful and reading the description written to avoid choosing the wrong game apps. However, it is sometimes not written if you download the file on the random sites. Well, the sites sometimes trap the users to visit and download the games with “Free” description while the fact; it is not. for this problem, you don’t have any other choice except being really careful.

Watch the Reviews

Actually, there are easier ways to find out the free games android. You only need to read all the reviews and testimonials given by the previous users. The reviews can include whether the games are really interesting or boring and whether the games are safe for your devices or not. There must be the explanation from users if the games are really free. Make sure to choose the game app that is highly recommended by the users. Meanwhile, the users must also find the games are technically good without too many errors or the advertisement placements that are not appropriate. So, your gaming experiences can be more interesting anyway.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:38 am

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