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Free Download APK GPS Apps for Travelers or Newcomers

Free download apk GPS app is what you need if you love to travel. It is also important if you have to stay in a new place for a long period of time for specific purposes such as study. Before using it let’s learn about recommended GPS apps for your android.

Google Maps

Definitely, it is considered as the most popular GPS app for your android. Android users use this app because of its compatible to the operating system. It makes this app easy to use for all users even if it is your first time. By using free apk, you are able to use this GPS app for free and offline. You should do specific ways if you want to use Google Maps for free. The only weakness is on the space limitation for free and offline maps. That’s why this application will delete downloaded maps after 30 days even if there is no internet connection. So, you have to check your maps over and over again to make sure that you still have it on the android. Due to its service, free and offline Google Maps app is suitable for short time traveling or looking specific area close to your living area.

Map Factor GPS Navigation Maps

If you think the first reference is unsuitable for you, it is great to consider Map Factor GPS Navigation Maps. By using apk service, you are able to download this GPS map for free. What makes this app different is on its offline function. Because of that, you can choose one of individual maps available there. The process is done manually because it is an offline service. You don’t need to worry because the feature is similar with the online map. The navigation feature helps you to show the best route to your direction. Even, it is supported by additional tools such as a live odometer, route simulation, and route replays. In short, choose this app if you want to try a non-Google map app.

GPS Navigation and Maps Sygic

This GPS app is developed by TomTom. The strength of this app is on its accuracy and quality to show directions. Interestingly, the virtual map is designed for drivers and pedestrians. As a driver, it helps you not only to find your direction but also gas station or parking area faster and easier. At the same time, pedestrians are able to use this app to find popular places to visit such as tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and many more. Just share the route if you want to help your friends or family who want to go to the same directions and it is easy to share the route. Although there is some limitations for offline usage but it is not a big problem and you can still use this app comfortably.

By downloading one of those three GPS apps, it limits the chance to get lost when you are visiting a new area. Those GPS apps can be downloaded for free and easy to use so you can go to your direction on time especially in urgent condition. So, while downloading free games android just consider downloading your best GPS app.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 1:15 pm

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