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Free APK Android Games, What does That Mean?

Free APK seems something that you will commonly see when you want to get free games for your android gadget. But actually, what is it? How to install it anyway? Well, most of android devices owners have a lot of options when they want to customize the appearance of their device or just become the most update user. Starting from using the launcher from third party in order to use unique wallpapers, you can jump to a lot of customize settings of your device. APK is one of the most common things you have heard if you love to customize your device then.

Some people will use APK file to update the app or game if they do not want to wait until the official update is ready or released on public.

Basic things about APK file

APK is just a specific type used by android to recognize that this file is compatible to it when it comes to installation of app or software. For example, Windows OS will be able to install the .exe files and .dmg files will be recognized by Macintosh. Android OS also does the same. It recognizes .apk files as the specific format if you want to run the installation.

There are plenty of websites that provide free download APK for android users who do not want to wait or pay for certain apps and games. Basically, it is much easier to install apps and games from Google Play. You do not even need to know about the process at all. But sometimes the app or games you want is still not available in your country and this is why you need APK file in order to have it.

The advantage of installing APK file

Of course there are several advantages you will get if you install app from APK file. By downloading the APK files, you will be able to use the app that has been leaked before the official released schedule. The casual users would rarely do it but if they are the android enthusiast, this thing is a must.

APK files also allow you to get the newest updates from Google without have to wait until the official update is on.

As I have said earlier, some games or apps are not available in certain regions or countries. By installing from APK file, you do not have to wait for something that would never come. Still, APK files are mostly illegal since it comes from the third party. And if it is possible, you better download the legal one.


Since APK is not the official app, you should be careful because there are plenty of them are fake and contained malware. Besides, malware is mostly targeting android so you have to be aware. So, if you want to install APK file in your device, it is better to download from the trusted website or the ones that have great reputation. However, there are still many apps that are legal and safety even though you want free games android.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:27 am

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