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Cracked Free Games Android: Read This before Downloading

Free games android are so popular because who doesn’t want free games anyway? But do you know if most malware sites came from the outside of Google Play? On the other word, by downloading cracked apps and games of android from untrusted third party can lead you to something unwanted. One of the examples is that you open the possibility to let the malware infected your device.

Basically, android already gives you the opportunity to act freely as to install the apps from third party. This act is also known as “sideloading”. Most people would love or be tempted to download the cracked free APK and having free game even though it is basically payable. But it is not a good idea though. You should remember that most malware for android came from this way. You will never have to interact with malware or other harmful thing if you rely on Google Play.

According to Android Malware studies

The press always talks about android malware prevalence as well as how much it can endanger the android device. For your information, android malware is nothing common especially if you follow the official app stores such as Google Play and other official store for app and games. Less than a year ago, there was a study that found over 28,000 malware samples but less than 1% of it came from Google Play. So, it is fair that more than 90% malware of android came from third party and cracked APK files are just one example from a lot of them.

Besides, the personal data and especially your phone are prone to attack from app that came from unknown source. Well, this kind of caution is always shown before you install app or games from third party’s APK file.

Malware can charge you money

It is good news that Android 4.2 has finally added certain system that could prevent the third party app from sending odd messages to certain phone number with premium rate without your intention. But unfortunately, not all android users use android 4.2. The SMS messages that are sent to the premium rate number are kind of the favorite way of malware because it can charge you certain amount of money on you bill and the money will be directly sent to the creator of the malware.

The charge can be disputed for sure if you are willingly to contact the phone’s company. But you had already violated the term from the company so they will fight you as well anyway. the price for pirated app or game may be started from 2 USD and the charge will start from 10 USD directly to your bill of cell phone.

On the other hand, antivirus only will provide not enough protection to your phone even if your android is already version of 4.2 as well. So, even though APK file from third party can be the answer for any obstacle you are facing now, do not easily fall for free games android.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:31 am

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