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Counter Strike Portable Free Games Android Download Review

There are various kinds of game which makes people want to play it a lot. There is no question that if people are talking about the popular game, there is no doubt that Counter Strike must be included. There are so many people who love to play this game through their computer. Of course since people are very familiar with the mobile device, it must be great if they can also play this game on their mobile device. Is it possible to find the free games android of Counter Strike for mobile device? Counter Strike Portable can be the answer.


Everyone has the same excitement when playing Counter Strike game. There is no doubt that people are able to get the best experience when playing this game on the computer but they can also enjoy it on the mobile device if they download free download apk for Counter Strike Portable. The portable version actually is kind of unofficial version of Counter Strike for Android device after all. If they want to play this game on the mobile phone, they only need to download the APK file and copy it to mobile phone memory. They can run it from the file manager like Astro File Manager. They have to remember that the application setting should have the checked Unknown sources option. They can simply grab their AK-47 once the game is installed and run. They will be able to play the game only. They need the Wi-FI connection with high speed if they want to get the best enjoyment when playing this game. Lag problem can be found often when this game is played with 3G connection after all.

Pros and Cons

Yes, people need to know more about the pros as well as the cons of Counter Strike Portable. They can have a big question whether it is worthy or not to download the free apk. Before making any decision for this matter, people can try to consider about the pros and cons offered by this game apk download. The good things must be important aspect to consider before downloading this game apk. The good thing which can be found from this game is the fact that many players are connected any time. It means that people can play the interesting game with other players anytime. This game surely can be the answer of anyone who wants to play the Counter Strike on their mobile device because they can find the graphics as well as levels from the classic counter strike. It is also great that this mobile game comes with quite comfortable touch controls. People must not forget about the camera graphics as well as management which is good enough. There is only very little configuration needed by this game. However, people also have to be ready with some cons from the game including the fact that it is unstable on some mobile devices. They will not find the classic options, weapons, as well as maps from the portable version. There can also be occasional problems associated with lagging.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:41 am

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