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Best Recommendation for Email Apps in Your Android Device

As we know that email is one of the oldest and essential forms through online communication. Checking and sending emails were probably thins that we usually do in our smartphone. It is also a service that many people use every day. There many email and email service app which accompany them as well. Some of them might have single account, such as: Yahoo, Gmail and Outlook as well. Their individual applications will provide you with best experience as well. When you think that email is very essential, you will talk about there are many important data which contained in your email, whether it related with your work or ideas which sometimes kind of frightening as well. Then you do not have to worry because they are safe and the list bellow become mostly essential or those who want something more rather than stock apps can give for you. So, if you want something new, these are the best email apps in your Android device.

Alto Email

This is free download apk and provides you with useful features. It also supports in many platforms, such as: Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, Gmail, Outlook, Exchange and more. Alto Email has clean and colorful design, dashboard that shows you with essential stuffs along with the unified mailbox to check all of emails in one place. Even you are also able to adjust your swipe actions that you want.

Blue Mail

This is also other free apk which also become one of the most popular email app out there. This app also supports different client, such as: Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, office 365 and Exchange as well. This application also has variety notifications for each email account. Blue Mail also featured with many exciting things, such as: Android Wear Support, themes, configurable menus and more. It’s powerful app and free.


Gmail is one of the cheapest pick for email app. Generally, this app had been installed in most Android devices as well. Therefore, you might already have it. This application supports multiple inbox settings for multiple accounts as well. Gmail also supports most of email services that you can choose, such as: Outlook, Yahoo and more.

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail had been around since long time ago and become favorite app for many people as well. This is because this app works on big players, including of Hotmail, Yahoo, Apple, AOL, Gmail, and more. Even this app also supports to Microsoft exchange as well. You are also able to get auto fit in or order to format your message, widget and tasker integration as well. It also supports in many applications, launchers and DashClock as well. Therefore, these great things make this app great option for tinkerers as well. However, the free version is only including for basic things.

K-9 Mail

This app is one of the oldest email apps that you can get. There are many people who enjoy with its minimal interface and there is no unified inbox and BS experience as well. It supports many big accounts, such as: IMAP, Exchange 2003/ 2007 and POP3. However, this app is pretty much thing that you can get and this app also open source as well. You can build by yourself or contribution with community using the Github.

Inbox by Gmail app

This app is also powerful source app for Gmail users. The biggest features are smart features that you can get. This app makes you easier to go through with. There are several things that make you feel impressed, such as: check shipping information, check in for your flight and even see photos as well. It also integrated with Google Assistant.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:45 am

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