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Best free android games 2018

Who does not like to fill their time with game? There are many games available to play in wide range platform such android. For gamer, have great android games will not only pleasure them but also help them from boring time. In addition, there are some android games that give them opportunity to challenge their skill and win such real money. Still do not know what is the best game that you want to play? These free games android can be your reference next.

The first is clash royale. For those who love to play strategy game, this is a game that comes from the same popular game creator of Clash of Clans. This is type of game that will make you addicted and steal your hours of time to finish. The next game that will challenge your skill is Shadowgun: deadzone. This is a game that allow multiplayer mode. This will across your android limit as it demand with graphics to.  For those who are looking for free apk games for android, this will save your time from searching to update or newest version. The free version offers you the other comfortable way to download any app to your device.

Next game is for you who love to play the racing games in your device. The first game recommended id Traffic rider. This is the game that offers incredible games with detail of crisp picture even when the game plays at high speeds. When the player finishes the race circuit, then it will unlock the new map to explore. The progress game will continue with unlocking up to 20 motorcycles that have different detail of speed, brake and handling power. If you want to have extra time, then get so close with other player although it will take some risks. The next game is asphalt 8: airborne. This is a most favorite arcade game to play for the android users. This is best to play as it is free to start and you can choose the real-life cars that you always dream for driving on.

For those who love to play RPG games, there are several recommended games that you can chose. This is game that offers you with the fantastic game view and challenge. The first game recommended is Final Fantasy: record keeper. For those who play this game previous version, this will lead you to the most memorable moment with this game. Want to download games that fun and exciting to spend your time, then you can choose quiz games. There are Words with Friends that based on scrabble game. This will change your scrabble game into the most exciting online game to play with your friend. If online game is not your style, then choose the free download apk is the best option for you. Just remember when you download the apk, ensure that you choose from trusted provider.  Ensure that your device has active anti-virus to ensure that your device will detect any vulnerability earlier from your downloaded apk files.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:09 am

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