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Best Anti-Virus and Security in Android 2018 (Free)

As we know that Android is quite far away for the most popular of operation system, it had been installed on most of devices out there, no wonder that most of mobile malware was targeted to the Google’s OS. Sometimes that malware is being hidden on bogus application as well. For this reason, by default that most of Android devices do not allow any software installation from the unknown resources or official resources. This is means that you bring big risk if you get any programs for third party.

No matter software that you had been used in your Android smartphone or tablet, this is always better to install antivirus or security application in your device. Well, in this article, you will get information about best antivirus that you can get from PlayStore app, especially for free download apk as well. Many of them can do more than only running its automatic scan and they have been actively preventing the malicious sites and files from getting opened or downloaded first.

Here the top list:


AVL is the former winner in AV-Test as the well-respected for independent antivirus testing as well. So, this application becomes one of the best protection for your devices. The features are not only covering antivirus database, of course it provides you with scanner that can detect any type or executable data which come to your devices. The other useful feature is the call blocker that can prevent any malicious number from having contact to you. The other great features are anti-phishing feature that will stop the harmful sites from having loading first and this application is made being light you resource, so it always useful when you are struggling in battery life as well.

BitDefender Antivirus

This is another free apk for antivirus and has a big name in security community and this free antivirus is so lightweight as well. Actually, it does not run the background that will free the system resources, so it means that you should make schedule or run it manually for safe. It said that all of new applications which had been downloaded in your device were automatically scan as well. the other benefit from this application is being ready as soon as it was installed as well. of course, there is no needed configuration.

Avast for Mobile Secure

Avast is the giant antivirus that uses its incredible skill to make an application that go beyond average scanner. There are several additional features in free version, including of firewall, call blocker and anti-theft which allow you to get remotely lock or wiping your device if it had been missing. This app becomes free download since supported by advertisements. However, there are several premium features if you pay small amount monthly or yearly for premium user.

McAfee Security and Free Power Booster

McAfee is another popular name when it comes with best antivirus software in Android that does not disappoint the user. Beside the antivirus scanner itself, there are several free features including of locking and wiping your device remotely as well as tracking your lost device, even this app can capture the picture of thief. The other features are also including of its ability to scan apps to check whether it can leak sensitive information and lock it when required. McAfee also will block the malicious sites and allow you to save the blacklist for nuisance texters and callers as well. If you consider getting paid version, this app will allow you to remove all of advertisements and receive the phone support as well.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:42 am

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