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Best Android Apps for Study

Nowadays, students or school uses Android devices, as one of tool in their study. The main reason is you can get many useful Androids apps for this purpose. So, you won’t only find free games android. With so many company and freedom to use Android as the platform to create apps, they can make this kind of apps. So, now, if we have to choose the best app for student, education and school, here are some of our choices.


We can call this app as the scheduler. It can help you to do many things. For example, when you are study in library, it can detect your location. Then, it can provide you with some of information from internet you can access. And, with that information, you can study much better than before. More than that, Tasker also has ability to launch application in your Android devices, which is suitable with what you need.


This application actually doesn’t have function for your study at all. It can’t help you to find information and such when you need it for your study. However, this application is the most useful application when you are in college. Mint is application for managing your finance. This app is easy to use, and doesn’t need too much settings or technical knowledge for student. And, from the feature, we can say that it’s suitable for all students. With it, student won’t have any problem with money. This is free application. Therefore, you don’t need to use free apk and stuff to use this app.


Most of students have many similar problems. One of them is forgetting about the assignment, homework and task from their school. The worst of all is when you forget about the test day. You can’t prepare or study before the test and this will affect your score. Studious can remind you about the date and schedule of your study. That way, the problem, like forgetting about your homework or assignment is no more. You also can easily remember the test and any other task. Studious also has ability to silence your phone when you are in a class. It uses the location detection feature on your Android devices.


Like its name, this application allows you to share slide presentation anytime you want it. This is very useful. With this feature, you can easily make interesting presentation slide in your class. And, for your audience, you can share your presentation material, so they can also easily understand your presentation topic.


The names implies clearly. Yes, this is calculator application. However, unlike most of Android apps, this application has beautiful design. It almost looks like iOS apps. Even though it has beautiful design, the feature is complete. You can do all mathematic calculation with this application.

Basically, with those apps, you don’t need to get free download apk to use it. All of them are free application. You don’t need extra files to make it work like what you want and use its maximum feature and function.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 5:05 am

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