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Best android apk for business

When you are in high mobility but need to stay close to your business work, then you need to have these useful apps.  No matter your business, whether it is small or medium, or even large, when you have stay close with your work, this will help you to save your time. Imagine, you can meet with your colleague and do finish your other work while you go for the meeting. These apps will help your business and the best part of it these are free download apk, so you will free to download without charge. You will be very thank to these app below as this will make your work easier And accessible from anywhere.

The first app is Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Power Point).  This is app that let you to create, edit and view even share work files. With this app, you even can edit the word docs that send to you by email and change to PDF.  Next app that you need to download is Business Calendar. This is probably become the most favorite app because this will help you to schedule and create your project. With this app, you can drag your finger to the days and narrow the schedule that available in that period. With this, you are able to scope out your work week easier and also edit or add the ongoing projects you have create on your calendar.  The next free apk that helpful for your business is Google drive. This is free app that give you option for storing your file and document on online. This app will back up your files and make it accessible from anywhere using android device and connection internet. Everything that you have edit in Google Drive will be back up automatically. For user of G Suite user, then it is also recommended for download the other productivity apps that also connected with the G-drive such as sheet, photos slide and docs that tied together.  The Microsoft Remote Desktop is an app that reliable and secure that will connect work PC with android phone or tablet. This app is also the simplest way for using the Windows application to go. With this app, you also can take the advantage from full desktop version to your android device and edit your files anywhere anytime.

Next app that you want to download for help your business is Concur. This is app that will help you to track your business travel and manage the expense. This app will help you to add the pictures and receipt automatically to system and help you to book travel and integrate with triplt app. The other apps that is useful for help your business is Salesforce. This is the extension app that will help you to customize app and deploy the new function and stay up with the alert and notification minutes. This is just few free app that available to help your small business run. Do not forget to download free games android in your device to throw out your boring time.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 5:54 am

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