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Architecture Apps Free Download APK

Free Download apk is not only used for android games but also for android apps you want to use. Let say, you are an architect and you have to finish some projects. Actually, you can use your android to support your job. The free apk works to give you important architect apps. Before using the apk, it is great to know the recommended architect apps you should have on your android.

Morpholio Trace

Drawing is a habit for an architect. To make your activity a little bit easier, you should download an app known as Morpholio Trace. What you can do is drawing important images related to your architecture projects. Moreover, you are also able to give additional comments and pointers on separated layers in order to give clear information to the workers. This app works well with Apple Pencil for sketching. You should try and feel the benefits with this app.

Auto CAD 360

Most of architects know Auto CAD 360. In fact, it is one of a must have architecture apps. Now, you can bring this app anywhere you want. Even, you can use it anytime you want from your beloved android. By using free apk, you can use this app for free and it makes your architecture projects a little bit easier to finish. Just open this app anytime you want to view or edit your drawings. It works well for 2D or 3D images. While seeing the images, you can also use this app to measure and annotate the drawings. When the drawing is ready, you can share the result to your team faster and easier. Even, you don’t need to change your gadget only to share the drawings.

BIMx by Graphisoft

There is a case that you have to complete the architecture projects with BIM. If it is so, you should have BIMx app on your beloved android. Just like the name of the app, you can use it to complete your BIM projects. The best part of this app is on its user friendly interface. Actually, it is possible to use the app for BIM and mobile technology. Definitely, your architecture projects will be finished well with this app. Just try and get the benefits.

Sketchbook by Autodesk

The developer knows that an architect needed to have an easy to use app for any kind of condition. This app is useful for architecture drawing and painting. The recording tool becomes the strength of this app. The tool helps you to explain about what you are doing on the architecture project. You can record the important notes through the sketching process.

What you know is that apk is not only for games but also for architecture android apps. The reference above is enough to use to support your architecture projects. The most important thing is that just like free games android apk, the free apk for architecture helps you to get essential apps without spending extra money. It hopes that thing information gives you solution to be a professional architect and finish more and more architecture projects.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 6:37 am

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