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Android Zombiewood Free Games Android Download Review

People surely have their very own preference about the type of game they want to play the most. Some people love to play the game which focuses on farming theme. However, there are also other people who have very great interest in shooting game. The shooting game can be varied as well because the theme can be different. For example, it is really fun to shoot the zombies. In this circumstance, people should try the Zombiewood for Android. They can find the free games android and they will be able to shoot the zombie up to entertain their selves and also release their anger. Since shooting zombies can be very interesting, it is better to learn more about this game.


Many people have the urge to get the free download apk of the game because of many reasons including just by hearing the title of the game. From the game title, people actually can make relation between Zombie and Hollywood. In fact, the game takes place in Hollywood. Players will be able to find many clues from the sets of action movie in the game environments after all. It is interesting that many things on the screen can be destroyed. Players will get bonuses for destroying items in every level of the game actually. That is why it must be fun to shoot everything up to get better bonuses. People maybe will notice the cartoon look. There are some different zombie types in the game. Each type comes with different appearance so players will recognize the type of zombie attacks them easily. There are two controlling circles including the left pad for moving and right pad for shooting in expect directions. The weapons can be bought or upgraded but people will spend a lot of money for this purpose. They have the options for using in-app currency by Gameloft to do the purchase. Easy unlock levels can be found for the first four but they have to pay for playing other levels.

Pros and Cons

It is super easy to imagine about how interesting playing Zombiewood game right away. People can imagine the fun of shooting the zombies up. In this circumstance, people should know more about the good things as well as bad things offered by this game. The good thing in fact cannot be separated from the fun game play offered by this game. We can make sure that people will always have fun when playing this game. It is not the only good reason why people should download the free apk of this game after all because they will also find the great art style when playing this game. Nevertheless, there is no perfect game since people are still able to find the bad parts of this Android game. In this circumstance, people can find the controls of the game which is unpolished. This game can be downloaded and installed for free but they still have to make in-app purchase to enhance their experience when playing the game. It can be a little bit frustrating when too many in-app purchases needed to enjoy the game mostly for sure.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:37 am

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