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6 Best Android Applications for Kids

As this platform is getting mature, it seems that there are many parents who are willing to give tablets for their kids, let them to play with smartphone and let them involving with new technology generally. Of course, if you let them to play with technology then you should provide them with applications which were also age appropriate as well. The good news is there are many applications that your kids can use without parents should worry about it. As we know that Google Play Store also has the well-stocked for family section with the kid friendly application, educational tools and games which can be enjoyed both of parents and kids as well.

Best Android Applications for Kids


This application is the educational app. ABCD is focused on phonics, a great tool to learn alphabet and little bit in writing. In this application, your kids can play letter matching, lowercase and upper. This interface also makes your kids harder to leave this app. So, this app also very simple experience that you can download for free download apk, even there is not advertisement at all. This is one of a good app for younger kids.


ColorMe is one of the most well-known coloring book app available in PlayStore. It also fun app for kids and adults as well. This app offers you with over 100 pages which broke down into several categories. It is including of mandala, animals and more. The developer also adds more contents over the tine, there are several designs and pages were more complex as well. It means that they might not that enjoyable for younger kids. Still, this is one of kid app which can be enjoyed by kids and adults as well most of the contents are free, however you can buy more though in app purchases as well.

Amazon FreeTime

This app is one of the newer things in kid apps. It offers you with over 10,000 TV shows, children books and other great content. Parents are able to set the age restriction in order to ensure that your kids see the appropriate contents as well. Besides that, parents also can set up the time limits in order to prevent your kids use this app all day long.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books is considered as the one of best kid application for books. It has many contents for kids and adults as well. Besides that, this application has several things, such as comic book. The best thing is this app including of features for each type of reading. You can get clean interface and unlike with other most apps, this app does not load any child locks or another anything special as well. So, it’s really good for e-reader that provides you with many contents in almost of age. This is free apk, however several books will cost you.  Keep in mind that this service also provides you with several free selections as well.


Duolingo is educational app for language learning purposes. This is featuring with several languages, such as: German, Spanish, Ukrainian, French, Hebrew and other languages as well. It teaches you kids through small and bite size learning. Each learning can be played like a game. Of course, this game is suitable for kids who are able to read.

Intellijoy Kids

Intellijoy is another developer which specialized in kid app and there are many of them that you can choose from. You will find application for counting, animals, puzzles, music, shapes, reading, preschool and more. Most of them have a good review and free as well.

Updated: August 20, 2018 — 6:43 am

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