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5 Recommended Free Download Apk for Officers, Employees, and Drivers

Free games android is the temporary joy for employees and drivers. This is a helpful application when you get bored and stuck to your jobs. But, it makes you addicted to the android games so that your work is not productive. Depending on installing many android games, why don’t you install useful applications for your jobs as a driver, officer, or employee as well. It is the list for assisting you to finish your job and being more productive.

Goal Tracker

The first application for employees and officers is Goal Tracker. This is a very versatile and helpful application for employees and officers to determine the work plan that you want to do. Through this application, you can see your progress during working, manage your work, and review your projects and works. It is embedded reminder to remind you if there are unfinished projects and works during working.


Do you know about Dropbox? This free download apk seems to get so popular and familiar among employees. It is the most wanted application to install in android and smartphone. Dropbox can be maximized not only being private Cloud Storage. This application has some amazing features to support your work. It helps you to save documents, edit document, and share your work to the other users of Dropbox so that the work can be accessed anytime and anywhere without always being in office or bringing laptop to finish and fulfill the work. That is very useful right. You can still complete your work practically with Dropbox.

Waze and Google Maps

Are you working as a driver? Of course, you don’t need an office application. The needed application is Maps. There are some maps applications to track the right roads. Waze is very appropriate for any drivers including online taxi drivers, truck drivers, bus drivers, or the others. This application has features to avoid highway. The look and graphic design is very simple so that it is easy to catch and see. It is also able to show a certain location accurately so that you are not lost. Meanwhile, Google Maps becomes another recommendation. It is very helpful for those working as drivers. You can search an unknown location through Google Maps.

GPS Status and Toolbox

What’s the next application? It is called GPS Status and Toolbox. Of course, you have faced a hard situation in which both Waze and Google Maps are unable to read location accurately. It is caused that GPS devices in your smartphone are not calibrated correctly. Of course, you can use an application of GPS Status and Toolbox to handle and solve that problem. Today, you can search a passenger or locations quickly.

Accu Weather

The last recommended application to help your work is Accu Weather. It is very crucial for those working as drivers and employees. You can know the weather of the day whether it is sunny or rainy. If the weather will show rainy noon, you can be ready on bringing raincoat during finishing your work. You cannot get confused on weather changes due to the help of Accu Weather as free apk.

Updated: March 11, 2018 — 8:29 am

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