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5 Reasons to Install Free APK Antivirus on Your Android Device

If you are an Android user who frequently uses your device to download free APK from Google Play Store or anywhere else, installing an antivirus app on your device might be necessary. Here are 5 reasons why an antivirus app is an important tool to protect your device.

  1. Android OS is not virus-proof.

Many people believe that Android OS is virus-proof. Well, it is not. In fact, no operating system on earth that is virus proof. Android, like other operating systems with Linux kernel, is indeed more virus-resistant than Windows, but it is not virus-proof. Virus can still attack it and—in the case of root kit attack—the attack can be very destructive.

  1. Android is very popular.

Android becomes a primary target of virus attack undoubtedly because of its popularity. Virus makers are eager to spend their days and nights to make powerful virus if their target is popular. Although it is not a very accurate rationale (90 percent of high-end servers are running on Linux and yet the kernel is still reasonably resistant to virus), but the popularity of this mobile OS can truly attract people to do malicious actions to it.

  1. Android has its own barriers to block viruses, but you may inadvertently open them.

Whenever you download and install free games Android or other Android apps from either Play Store or other sources, you often need to give them special permission to access specific data or specific functions of your device. By default, Android doesn’t grant such permission until you tell it to do so. If you are not cautious enough when granting a specific app such permission, you may expose your device, your privacy and your important data to malicious attacks.

  1. Antivirus app is either cheap or free.

The majority of antivirus apps on Google Play Store are either costless or cheap. Indeed, the rule of thumb is that free antivirus apps will give you basic protection, and that you need to start paying to enjoy more comprehensive protection. However, even with basic protection, your Android device is guaranteed to be perfectly secured from potential malware. Installing an antivirus app thus involves little to zero sacrifice, so there is no reason for you not to install it.

  1. Antivirus app offers the last defense when you lose your device.

When your device is lost, your privacy can be at risk. If your device is stolen, the thief can have access to every private thing that you store in your device, including photos, files, accounts, and passwords. If you have an antivirus app that includes anti-theft measures, your lost device will be locked and its data will be encrypted. Some antivirus apps can even help you find the device by pinpointing its location and allowing you to locate it using GPS. These security measures obviously offer the best consolation when you are in dire situation. Anti-theft measure is usually a premium feature of a paid antivirus app; however, certain antivirus apps that are available as a free download apk may also have this feature.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 7:13 am

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