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5 Popular and Best Free Games Android to Install

Free games android can be a partner to accompany you when you get bored and lonely. It is like a smartphone getting in your side anywhere you go. Playing android games becomes the right option as boredom attacks you. To reduce boredom, there are some recommended free android games to install. What are they? Let’s discuss it.

Angry Bird

One of the most popular android games applications is Angry Bird. It is a free application to install in your android or smartphone. Who don’t know this android game? This belongs to the best and popular android game category. The game has a high quality graphic design and animation spoiling your eyes during playing this game. Moreover, it is very easy to play though you have not play it before. For those who want to install it, you can download it soon in Google Play freely and let’s find joys during playing Angry Bird game.

Naughty Kitties

The next free download apk for android game is Naughty Kitties. This is an android game showing interesting graphic design attracting the android gamers. This game displays cat character that is able to use and apply different attack variations. Most of the people and gamers claim that this is endless runner game offering new gaming concept. To prove the joys during playing this game, you should download Naughty Kitties and play it in your android.

Cut The Rope : Time Travel

What else is another free android game? You can take a choice of Cut The Rope : Time Travel. This game is a free application of attractive puzzle game to play due to its uniqueness. This game offers fun and cheerful graphic design depending on the other free android games. This game provides some levels that must be finished to measure your skill in playing this game. Try to play this good game by downloading it in Google Play freely.

Icon Pop Quiz

The next choice of free android game is Icon Pop Quiz. This game is a very easy game to play because you only guess one brand or icon name appearing on this game. It is very simple to play but it makes everyone interested and curious on how to play it. Are you curious on this game? Let’s play it and download freely on Google Play from your smartphone. You can enjoy some fun things during playing Icon Pop Quiz game.

Special Force

What’s the next free android game to choose? It is called Special Force. This is a free android game application having battle theme for everyone in the world. Special Force is the first game released for android and smartphone with the real battle and weapon – war that can be played in multiplayers. The graphic design and look are very cool and real. It is also completed by various weapon like shotgun, bomb, gun, and many more. This game is easily controlled by using UI customization that can be played in all device types and many more. Just install it in your smartphone to play and enjoy this free apk.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 12:57 pm

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