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5 Free Download APK Navigation Apps for Android

Other than free games android, there are still several interesting things you can get for free. And since we are talking about navigation apps then I will tell you several names of navigation apps that will help you. Most people will think that Google Maps is the only thing available when it comes to apps about navigation. But actually, there are a lot more navigation apps you may find at Play Store for your android. Well, let us see the list.


This is another navigation app owned by Google other than Google Maps. The operation is completely separated with Google Maps. Waze is a navigation app that will focus on the driver and you can see the gas stations as well as the prices around you. It can also recognize the parking lot or traffic on the road you choose. The users are also allowed to report any incident while they are on the way.

You definitely can get the free download APK for this app since it is totally free.

Here WeGo

This app is also a free one that offers the users about directions that explained turn-by-turn according to what you use. It is available for the public transit’s riders, cyclists, pedestrians, and of course drivers. You can even download the map for offline use that will be very useful if you do not want to spend your data connection on the road.

The info provided by this app is gathered from several big websites.


Are you a public transportation user? If the answer is yes then you need to download this app on your smartphone. It will provide all about public transportation in your city ranging from Uber up to bus and stations. This also provides the schedule of the bus and trains so you will be alerted if it is the time to take the bus.

BackCountry Nav Topo Maps GPS

This is something like Moovit but for the urban city occupants. The free trial is for 21 days and after that you still want to use it then you have to pay about 12 USD for having it on your smartphone. You do not need data connection so this will be really good for you who often trekking in the wild. There are various types of maps such as aviation maps, marine maps, and topographic maps offered by this app.

Even though this app is designed for non-street maps, there is available the OpenStreetMap feature.

This app is also the offline app for navigation and you are allowed to download the maps of the entire city in case you will need that but you do not have data connection. Other than that, this app is completely free which is great. The direction will be explained turn-by-turn. Besides, you can get the information about nearest Wi-Fi and also toilets spots. However, it does not provide the traffic information in real-time mode. But still, if you need other navigation app besides Google Maps, this free APK is worth it.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 1:29 pm

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