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5 Free APK Android Apps that will Make Your Life Easier

Smartphone is a thing that obviously helps our life in this modern era and without great apps then you will never get the most of efficiency offered by smartphone. There are a lot of apps that can make your life much efficient and easier some of them are free APK apps and there are also paid-apps that will require you to pay for subscription. Still, they are worth to try.

So, here are they.

#1 – Truecaller

This app is basically a convenient app that will help you to identify the unknown numbers that are reported for spam. If a company knows the information on certain number then it will reflect on the incoming call. But of course the app will need to access your contacts, which is considered as a deal breaker by many users.

Well, it cannot identify all numbers but it will definitely inform you if the number is reported as spam.

#2 – Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of AI assistants which are going to pop up on your devices. If you find Siri on iPhone then this app will be the one for android phone along with other apps with similar features. But I will say that Google Assistant is the best assistant among a lot of similar apps. This app can interact with other applications you have on your phone. Besides, you can even use the image recognition feature in order to find photos you like by using command like “Show me my photos of my dog.”

The most recent update of this app will also allow you to ask and commanding using your voice. You can even ask it in case you want free games android.

#3 – Moovit

This app is very suitable for everyone who relies on public transportation in the city. This app will identify all routes of public transportation as well as the stations around you. It is also equipped with the schedule, the times, and also alerts for live service. If you need another router then this app will do it for you.

Moovit is not only showing you one type of public transportation but all of them. So, if Uber or something like that is rare in your city then you really must try this handy app.

#4 – Google Keep

Well, this app is something like memo or other productivity apps. This app is free and you do not need to purchase anything because all features can be accessed through the free app. Since it is integrated with another Google service like “Ok, Google” then you are allowed to create your own to-do list using your voice. Just make sure your command is clear anyway.

#5 – Remote Mouse

This app allows you to control your computer in your network using your phone through this app. Remote Mouse act as both keyboard and mouse after you pair it with the companion software in your computer of laptop through the Wi-Fi connection. There are several features that can only be unlocked by paying. But for the standard feature can be downloaded as free download APK.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 1:40 pm

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