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4 Helpful Free Download Apk for Students

Free games android seems to be interesting to install in your smartphone. It consists of a wide variety of games to play. But, it sounds to not helpful and useful for students finishing their school assignments. It is impossible to ask for the help of free games to assist your assignment and school work. That is why it requires some helpful free applications for students. Here is the list of the application for students.


The first recommended application for students is Duolinggo. This is an application for learning foreign languages. This is regarded to be the best one so far. Through this application, you can learn various languages including English, Spanish, Japan, Russian, and many more through fun ways like answering quiz and also having speaking feature to ensure your spelling. For students working and studying as translator or going abroad, this application is much needed to help you prepare yourself.

My Study Life

The next free apk to install in students’ android is My Study Life. It is a cross – platform application that can be used by teachers and students in order to organize a learning and teaching process. This application enables the users to save learning schedule, homework, and examination to the cloud system so that it is able to access anytime through devices because it has been supported by android, iOs, and Windows Phone operating systems. This smartphone application will integrate all school activities including seeing homework deadline, the changes of schooling schedule, examination schedule, and the other notes to ease students. The notification features also become a reminder to unfinished assignments, examination, and lesson. With this application, you will never forget the school activities. Let’s install it in your smartphone.


Do you dislike math lesson? Math becomes a scary lesson for most of the students. But, today you shouldn’t get afraid anymore because there is an application helping you in math. What is it? It is Photomat. It is helpful to finish difficult math exercises. It is enough to direct smartphone camera on the math tasks. Photomat will give the answer included the detailed steps on how to do the task and exercises. There are some features in Photomat including Camera calculator, Smart calculator, Handwriting recognition, and steps on finishing it. The colorful look also eases you to understand the explained answers by Photomat. Though it is very helpful, you must use it wisely.

Student Agenda

The last helpful application for students is Student Agenda. It shows a simple look and easy operation. Student Agenda becomes a recommended android application for students to manage their learning activities so that the final result is better. The major goal of this application is to do school assignments based on deadline, organizing school time and personal life, and making your days in the school fun. It is also available important information about exam schedule, homework, organization meeting, and daily activity schedule through smartphone. The beneficial features are notification reminding the school activity schedule so that your school life is more organized. Let’s install this students’ free download apk.

Updated: March 11, 2018 — 8:27 am

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