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4 Free Games Android That Must Be Downloaded

One of purposes in purchasing smartphone is to play games. If you belong to a true gamer and take android home due to that reason, you should find some kinds of free download apk of games. Why should you choose free games? Surely, it is making you play the games freely without being burdened by the paid cost. Here is the list of free games to download.

4 Free Games Android That Must Be Downloaded

4 Free Games Android That Must Be Downloaded

Angry Birds

Don’t claim to be a real gamer of android if you have no this android game in your smartphone. This game becomes the favorite one. It has more than 500 game levels readily entertaining the gamers during playing it. In addition, this game is guaranteed to make you not bored due to routine updates by its developer.  The ways of playing this game is simple but it is so challenging. It becomes a main attraction from Angry Birds. It is fairly interesting to see funny and cute birds from slingshot to throw to the air and beat the evil pigs. There are 10 types of birds readily helping you to cross every level of Angry Birds.

Subway Surfers

If you prefer colorful and fun endless run game, Subway Surfers is an appropriate game to download in android. Subway Surfers becomes a recommended free games android enabling you to choose three early characters; Jake, Fresh, or Tricky to run from the keeper catch and the dog. This game doesn’t need you to slant your android during playing it. It is enough to rub gently the smartphone screen to the right or left for moving up to jump and down to roll. In the journey, you will collect coins that can be used for purchasing unique characters. Moreover, you will meet cool power – up like jetpack and hoverboard to help you run from the chase of grumpy keeper. Play this game and beat up the highest score.

Temple Run 2

What else is endless run game? It is called Temple Run 2. This is a free game for android having more than 100 millions of downloads. Temple Run 2 becomes a required game to play on your android. It has beautiful graphic design and real sound effects making you feel different in this game. This game is successor of the previous game. Temple Run prevents more features in it. The curiosity and easy playing way makes this game enthusiastic to play. You will run from chases of giant monkeys because you have stolen artifacts from temples. Slant your android if you want to keep off challenges as long as collecting coins and power up.

Despicable Me

Who don’t get interested in the funny behaviors of minions in Despicable Me movie? For the gamers who want to always see those habits, Despicable Me becomes the right free apk of the game. You will help minions to gather bananas and beat its enemies to keep world peace. In this game, it is meeting 13 different areas having its theme. To help to pass that area, it must get power up. The ways are taking frozen arsenal, banana magnet, unicorn doll, and rocket launcher. If you have got a sufficient number of bananas, you are able to purchase the other minions with their unique strengths, power, and costumes.

Updated: March 9, 2018 — 4:23 am

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