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4 Free Download APK Android Best Workout Apps

Getting in shape is what people want to have and the presence of free APK for workout apps will really help you to stay in shape. Having those kinds of apps will be a reminder as well as motivation for you. Moving your body regularly will help you to improve your stamina, stabilizing the blood pressure, and many more.

So, in this article, I will give you several names of android apps that will help you to stay fit both the free download APK or the paid-apps.

Couch to 5K

This is a fitness app that will change your out-of-shape shape and couch potato person to be someone who is ready to join 5K run. It is equipped with MyFitness integration that will allow you to make your own playlist of music you love to be your workout company. Couch to 5K also has a lot of tracking features that will be very useful when you are running. Every kind of training related to be a runner can be found in this app.

The trial version is free and the full version can be purchased for 1.60 USD with an in-app purchase. It is one of the best fitness apps if you like to run.


I will say that Endomondo is the best app when it comes to the whole fitness thing. This app will allow you to track your performance of fitness, record the pep talks for your or for your friends, and also the huge list of other interesting things you can access. Most of the features can be used for free. But there is also the subscription service to unlock the full version of it.

The subscription service allows you to create your own training plan, analyze the rate of your heart, free from ads, and other interesting features that are not available in free version. It costs 5.99 USD each month or 29.99 for annual subscription.


This app will allow you to do whatever you like by making your own training plan. The app will no direct you and tell you what you need to do. FitNotes is a free android app and there is no advertising feature in it but it has the database of exercise that will help you to categorize your workout properly. There is also the log so you can keep your track to what you do.

Since it is free, it is worth to try. And if you are a gym or DIY workout enthusiast then this app is a must.

Google Fit

I will say this is one of the best fitness apps that offer a lot of interesting features. It is equipped with complete integration that can be paired with Android Wear. This is why you must have this app on your smartphone for your fitness tracker. You are allowed to analyze your stat, conquer the goals, and many types of tracking features. And yes this is a free app that should be downloaded besides free games android.

Updated: August 19, 2018 — 1:34 pm

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