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3 Generous Android Apps that Give You Real Money

Your Android device has certainly drained your wallet with its expensive price and constant reliance on data usage, which is not free. However, you can actually earn money using your Android device if you know how to transform it into a money-making machine. There are many apps and free games Android that allow you to earn money while you are using your device. Three of those apps are listed here. If you want to be a financially productive Android user, here are 3 Android apps that you should check out.

  1. Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps is possibly the most generous money-making app that you can have in your mobile device. This app is available for both Android and Apple devices, and if you already have an account set up in one of those operating systems, you don’t need to create another account. Cash for Apps grant you points for every app or game that you download and install on your device. Accumulate enough points and you can redeem them in various merchants, including Google’s Play Store, Apple’s iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, and many more. You get $1 for 300 points that you have accumulated. There is also referral bonus that you can earn if you invite your friend to use this app. Do you need to keep the apps that Cash for Apps requires you to download? No, if you like them, you can keep them, but if you don’t want to bloat your device, you can simply remove them seconds after you download them.

  1. Clashot

Clashot is a free download apk that allows you to earn money from selling photos that you get using your device’s camera. The mechanism is simple: you shoot any photos that you like, you upload them, and the system will help find potential buyers for your photos. For every photo that is sold, you get a certain percentage of the purchasing price as your commission. Clashot’s online photo bank is one of the biggest photo banks attended by thousands of buyers every day, so if you can upload the right photos that people need, your chance to get paid is relatively big; however, if you decide to use this app to generate real income, you need to know how to shoot the right pictures and how to promote them.

  1. Bitmaker Free Bitcoin

More and more people are switching from traditional currency system to bitcoin. If you find investing in cryptocurrency promising, you may want to try this app. It gives you free Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, whenever you play games, use certain apps, or perform any other activities that this app requires. Basically, with this app, you can earn bitcoin while you are having fun with your device. This app pays you every Saturday with minimum withdrawal limit that is so low that you can always transfer your bitcoin to your wallet even if your earning is low. Because it requires you to have a bitcoin wallet to receive your reward, you may want to make one first before installing the free apk of this app.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 3:58 pm

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