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3 Best Android Apps for Students in 2017

Android device has become an essential part of students’ lifestyle; however, the device is actually useful not only for their pursuits of entertainment and social expansion, but also for their learning and life management as a student. There are dozens of apps, many of which are available as free apk apps, on Google Play Store that help them make everything right. There are apps that help them get easier access to learning resources and there are apps that allow them to manage their learning necessities better. If you are a student, here are 3 best Android apps for students that will make you a better and well-organized student.

  1. To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner

For students, there are so many things that need organizing that without a set of proper instruments, being a well-organized student is often a daunting task. This all-in-one app provides an excellent solution for students who find it hard to organize their activities, appointments, tasks, and schedules. As the name implies, is a combination of task organizer, calendar, reminder, and planner that will surely be useful for students. This app is available as a free download apk from Google Play Store, so students can reap its full benefits without having to spend a dime. Better yet, system works not only in mobile environment, but also in PC and web-based environments, so you can always synchronize everything that needs organizing with other devices that you regularly use.

  1. Cloud Storage Apps

For students, every single note, essay, article, and other types of paperwork that they write are essential for the progress of their study. Losing any may cause a very disastrous consequence. You can store your documents locally in your computer or mobile device, but accidental deletion or malwares may make them disappear. To avoid this disastrous situation, you need to rely on a cloud storage app, which stores copies of your documents in the cloud and synchronizes your offline documents with the ones in the cloud. There are many apps that you can use. Most Android users have already had Google Drive bundled with their Android device, so if you already have one, you least likely need to download and install it. There are other apps that are developed for similar purpose, the most famous of which is Dropbox. You may want to give one a try to see how it compares with Google’s proprietary cloud storage app.

  1. Mathway

For students dealing with math, calculator, be it physical or digital, is often not the most reliable means to solve their math problems. Mathway offers the most comprehensive solutions for all math problems. Any types of calculation and equation, ranging from basic math and pre-algebra to trigonometry and calculus, can be solved using this app. Despite its name, it is actually useful not only for solving math problems. If you are dealing with statistics and chemistry, this app can also become a handy instrument.

Many other apps are available for students who wish to reap the most benefits from their Android gadget. In fact, some free games android on the Play Store are educative in nature. We have another article that specifically talks about games that are not only fun to play, but also great enough to make you think.

Updated: March 10, 2018 — 9:52 am

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